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Induction Cooker

Faster, safer and cleaner than conventional cooking methods

- Faster - no heat loss to the surrounding area
- Safer - no open flames or hot elements
- Cleaner - solid cooktop wipes clean with a damp cloth

  • BONUS! Stainless steel pot with glass lid
  • Stays cool, even when set on maximum, until a stainless steel or iron pot is placed on the cooktop
  • Energy is supplied directly to the cookware not the induction cooktop
  • Durable, scratch resistant crystal cooktop
  • More energy efficient than conventional cooking. Uniform heating with instant and accurate control for better results
  • Food is cooked with little or no heat loss to the surrounding area. Only the area under pot is warm.
  • 2 preset cooking modes plus 6 manual cooking modes, each with 6 power levels
  • Temperature setting range: 80-270°C (175-525°F)
  • Power setting range - keep warm, low, med-low, medium, med-high and high
  • Cooking by induction causes the pot to heat up not the cooking surface. As soon as the pot is removed, the heating process stops.
  • Audible error signal and auto shut-off for 'boil dry' and 'pot detection'
  • Cooking timer - up to 99 minutes

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