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5 Breakfast Appliances Everyone Needs

Easy breakfast ideas… Because no one likes to think in the morning.



Salton Bacon Master 

Nothing says breakfast like a crisp piece of bacon and Salton has changed the game by offering you the ultimate way to cook it! The Bacon Maker cooks up to 6 slices of bacon in minutes and drips away the fat for the perfect taste and crispiness. The removable drip tray and stainless steel cover are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. Cooking bacon has never been this easy!

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Salton Mug Warmer

Sometimes mornings don’t always go as planned and your cup of joe is cold before you even have the chance to drink it. With this saucer-esque apparatus you can keep your drink at the right temperature for as long as needed. You can now do all your morning duties and come back to a nice, warm beverage. Mornings were made for hot coffee!

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Salton Party Grill

Gather up your friends and family for a mouth-watering raclette breakfast station! Cook your eggs, pancakes and breakfast sausages on the top grill, while warming other dishes in the 8 non-stick, colour-coded pans. Equipped with 8 spatulas to remove the food, this easy-to-use and easy-to-clean raclette will get everyone up and out of bed. Bring your family together over delicious food, cooked to perfection!

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Salton Harley Pasternak Power Blender

Start your morning off right with a healthy and delicious smoothie! Developed in partnership with Harley Pasternak, New York Times bestselling author, celebrity trainer and nutritionist to the Hollywood Stars, Salton has created the perfect blend of power and affordability.  Powered by a 1500W, 2HP motor that produces 30,000 rpms, and includes an 8 blade blending system that will blend, crush, emulsify, chop, puree, liquefy whole fruits and vegetables, ice, frozen fruits and nuts. Customize your breakfast blend!

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Salton Single Serve Coffee Maker

Enjoy a delicious cup of coffee wherever you are without the hassle of getting the right measurements for just one cup! The beauty of this machine is that you can brew your favourite hot beverage without making a full pot to throw out later… And you can do it wherever you are – office, kitchen, dorm. Have a favourite mug you use every day? No need to worry, the Space Saving 1 Cup Coffee Maker fits a variety of mug sizes, customized for your experience. What’s a morning without the perfect cup of joe?

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