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5 Life-Changing Dinnertime Appliances

… Because there’s nothing worse than stressing about dinner after a long at work.



Take the muscle work out of making mashed potatoes. With the Salton Masha you can have consistently smooth mashed potatoes, guacamole, baby food, and more with the press of a button! The patented ‘rotor-cone’ technology forces all the ingredients through the outer mesh, leaving no lumps in your food. When you done simply run it under the tap for a quick clean up. Mashing vegetables has never been so easy!






Compact Deep Fryer

Salton Compact Deep Fryer has a smaller footprint than the other deep fryers, but doesn’t compromise on performance! This Compact Deep Fryer is offered in the perfect small size but still delivers delicious, restaurant quality fried food. The adjustable temperature control and ready light indicates the optimum cooking temperature to ensure the perfect fry every time. With a 1.2L capacity, stainless steel construction and cool touch handles, this sleek deep fryer can handle all your frying needs from chicken to fish, donuts, fries, onion rings and more!





Pressure Cooker

The pressure cooker that does it all! This functional pressure cooker can: warm, brown, steam, slow cook and pressure cook. With its 5 litre capacity, it will save you up to 70% cooking time on a wide variety of meals. Even tenderizes lean beef while preserving flavours and nutrients. The heavy gauge cooking pot distributes heat uniformly and has a non-stick coating for easy clean-ups. Also comes with a ‘Stir & Serve’ spatula and measuring cup. Spend less time in the kitchen and let the Multi-Pot work its magic.






Party Grill

Gather up your friends and family for a mouth-watering raclette get together! Grill fish, chicken, sausage and vegetables on the top grill, while the cheeses and sides warm beneath in the 6 non-stick pans. Equipped with 6 spatulas to remove the food, this easy-to-use and easy-to-clean raclette will bring people together over delicious food.






Induction Cooktop

Cooking by way of induction is faster, safer, cleaner and more energy efficient than any other cooking technology. The cooktop is only activated once an induction ready pot or pan is placed on the surface and the cooktop surface remains cool creating the safest and most efficient cooking experience. Adjust the temperature using the precise control knob located at the front of the unit. Powered by 1800 watts and up to 3 hours of timed cooking this Induction Cooktop is perfect for everyday use. Check if your pots are induction compatible with the induction tester included.


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