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Salton Crepe and Tortilla Maker

Salton Crepe Makers make homemade crepes easy and fun!

The Salton crepe & tortilla maker is a versatile kitchen appliance that can make both thin, delicious and easy crepes and perfect tortillas. It’s the perfect companion for anyone who loves to cook. The Salton Crepe & Tortilla Maker can make:

– Crepes

– Tortillas

Crepe makers are kitchen appliances that are used to make crepes. They can be electric or stovetop, and some can be used to make tortillas as well. Many crepe makers come with a recipe book of different types of crepes that they can produce. Here is an easy crepe recipe from Crepe makers are easy to use, so they are perfect for people who have never made a crepe before.

The Salton Crepe & Tortilla Maker is an electric appliance that makes delicious crepes and tortillas in minutes. It comes with recipes for different types of crepes, like sweet dessert-style chocolate chip pancakes, savory vegetable fajita wraps, and more.

A crepe is a thin pancake or pan-fried bread originating from France. It can be served with sweet or savory fillings, such as chocolate, fruit, whipped cream, and more. The Salton Crepe & Tortilla Maker makes it easy to enjoy the deliciousness of a crepe in just minutes.

Salton Crepe & Tortilla Makers are electric kitchen appliances that makes both tortillas and crepes. In order to make the perfect thin crepes, you need a special type of pan called a crêpe pan or non-stick frying pan. With the help of this kitchen appliance, you can make delicious and easy-to-make tortillas and crepes in minutes!

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Water Temperature Guide

The following is a general guide for brewing different types of tea. Brand and freshness of tea including each individuals taste and preference differs. If your tea box/container has brewing instructions, follow those as they are probably ideal for that specific tea.

Type of TeaWater TemperatureSteep Time
Green Tea80°C/176°F1-3 minutes
White Tea80°C/176°F4-8 minutes
Oolong Tea90°C/194°F1-8 minutes
Black Tea90°C/194°F3-5 minutes
Herbal Tea90°C/194°F5-8 minutes

Your kettle can also be used for bringing the water to the perfect temperature for the following. Please remember that these are guidelines only.

Others:Water Temperature
Baby formula preparation40°C/104°F (water should have been previously boiled)
Hot Chocolate80°C/176°F
Instant Soup Mixes90°C/194°F
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Why use an Electric Kettle?

Save Time

Enjoy your cup of coffee or tea faster than ever. The design of the heating element, kettle jug and wattage all attribute to quicker boiling than heating your water on a traditional stove or microwave.

Energy Efficient

Not only does using an electric kettle save time over using a traditional stove or microwave, enjoy cheaper electricity bills thanks to these time savings and lower amount of energy used by the kettle. Using a stove to heat your water is wasteful and tough on your wallet!

Precise Temperature

Different teas require different temperatures for their optimal flavors! If your Salton kettle is equipped with variable temperature control then you can select your desired temperature on and the kettle will automatically halt the boiling cycle as soon as that temperature is reached. Learn more about Salton Variable Temperature kettles here.

Kettles are not only a great addition to any kitchen, they’re an ESSENTIAL!