Other uses for your Kettle

Other uses for your Kettle

Some think that a kettle has one use and one use only: to pull out when you need to boil water for a cup of tea or hot chocolate. However, a kettle is a versatile appliance that can do so much more! Here are some kettle hacks to make your life easier – boiling water with a kettle is the safest and most economical way to boil water. And with a Salton Kettle, you can do it in style.


Don’t forget to save some of your water from your instant coffee or tea in the morning for your breakfast as well. Oatmeal can be prepared in an instant and is healthy and delicious and perfect for travelling. Make mason jars full of oats and your favourite toppings to grab and go in the morning and prepare when you arrive at your destination. You’ll make all your deskmates jealous with your hot and ready and totally personalized jar of oatmeal.

Here are some recommendations for Mason Jar Oats:

Caramel Apple Surprise


Apple chips

Caramel sauce

Chopped pecans

Fig Newton


Chopped dried figs

Slivered almonds

Brown sugar

Banana Nut Muffin


Banana chips


Chopped walnuts

A dash of cinnamon

Carrot Cake


Shaved carrot


Chopped walnuts

A dash of cinnamon

Brown sugar

Nut Berry Bliss


Dried cranberries

Chopped pistachios

White chocolate chips


Did you know you can boil water for a quick and easy meal on the go? Save money and time on work lunches and make yourself an easy, hot lunch right in your office! With a bit of prep work the night before, you can have a gourmet recipe on the go. Short on time? Try instant cup of soups, ramen noodles or box mac and cheese.

Here are some ideas for Mason Jar “Just-Add-Water” recipes:

Thai Peanut Couscous


Peas, carrots and corn mix

Chopped peanuts

Ginger powder

Garlic powder

Salt and pepper

Mexican Rice

Instant rice

Cooked chicken breast, shredded

Whole kernel corn

Chopped green onion

Chili powder

Garlic powder

Salt and pepper

Dried Mexican spices

Chicken Alfredo Pasta

Fettucine noodles

Cooked chicken breast, cubed


Parmesan cheese

Garlic powder

Salt and pepper


Coffee – instant or French Press, just heat your water and make your perfect cup of joe

Baby Bottles – heating water for formula at the recommended safe temperature will take the guess work out of baby feeding

Boiled Eggs – soft or hard boiled, a using a kettle to boil water and then cook your eggs for your desired time will yield your perfect boiled egg

At-Home Pampering – use your kettle to warm water for a foot bath, hand soak or facial steam

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