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Customer Service is Our Number One Priority


Ann was gifted this awesome Salton 3-in-1 Coffee Center by her parents over 30 years ago! She enjoyed it regularly to make her favorite cappuccinos and espresso’s. After 30 years without an issue her machine began to break down. Ann reached out to our customer service team and dropped her unit off at Salton’s Toronto office. From there it was sent to Salton’s stellar service technicians in Montreal and they began to work their magic. Within days, her Salton 3-in-1 Coffee Centre was repaired and returned back to Ann in Toronto. Her machine runs like new and Ann can get back making her favorite coffee, espresso’s, cappuccino’s and frothing milk!

Customer Ann Hughes with her newly repaired EX-10 3-in-1 Coffee Centre and VP of Sales and Marketing Jason Hutton.

83 thoughts on “Customer Service is Our Number One Priority

  1. I need instructions for the Salton waffle maker, model
    WM8BEL. Please let me know how to access them.

    1. Hi Carol, unfortunately the WM8BEL is not our model. A quick google search might help you find the manual you are looking for!

      1. I Purchased the cup warmer model SMW12A and it almost burn my house down are used it 12 times unfortunately as I am sitting here the wire start melting because it’s getting so hot hopefully you could help us I think this device needs to be looked up professionally by you people I believe also it’s a new product watch out very dangerous

        1. Hi Fred, sorry about your experience! Please reach out to for help.

          1. Salton Harley Pasternak blender. Has recently become much louder than normal. Thoughts?

          2. Hi Chris,

            We’d be happy to service your blender. Please contact for help!

  2. I have an old Modern Maid in-the-wall toaster. Are there any parts still available for this? I need some heating elements. It is model KBT-100. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank You

    1. Hi Dave, please reach out directly for help!

    2. I bought a salton 3 panel heater a few years ago and it started giving me a problem of switching itself off, then screwing on/off cap broke, i bought a new one and it gave the same problem, what should I do

      1. Hi there! Can you confirm the model number on your unit? I don’t believe we are the Salton that manufactured your heater.


    1. Hi Ernest! Please contact the service team directly at

  4. I just bought a Salton vita pro food dehydrator model DH1454 And the instruction and recipe booklet is missing.How do I get one?

    1. Hi there! Please see the instruction manual at this link:

    2. 1553 induction cookers not working flashing lights display L not hitting what is going on

      1. Hello! Please reach out to our customer service team directly. They might be able to help you with this! Email for more information

  5. Hi. I purchased the Salton Sandwich maker Model SM1593 from Walmart on October 22, 2019….it was the last one on the shelf. I have used it approximately 10 times.

    This morning, once I placed the sandwich on and closed the locking clip, the sandwich maker cracked on the left side. I’m not sure if there was a hairline crack before and probably why it was the only 1 left on the shelf or the quality of the product is lacking. I did not drop it so I know for sure, that this is not the cause for the crack.

    I’m really disappointed … works but I don’t think it is safe to use anymore. Will I be able to exchange it? I don’t have the box but do have the sales receipt and instruction manual.

    1. Hi Sonia, we can definitely help you with that. Please reach out to the service team directly at

  6. Good day I bought a Salton mini oven and I have gone to game where I bought it and informed them that everytime I switched on the plug of the oven the one plate would get hot without it even being on…. Last night when I got home from work to start cooking one of my plates is no longer working I have gone to game and they told me they will be fixing it which means Christmas day I would be without an oven…. If I knew that all of this crap is going to happen I would never have bought Saltos’s mini oven and would’ve just bought a defy I’m sure it would’ve been better not even 10 month old and it’s already giving problems

    1. Hi Roxanne, let’s get this sorted out for you! Please email the service department directly at

  7. HI there!

    I need to replace the jar of my Harley Pasternak jar blender. We bought it around 2-3 years ago from London Drugs.
    It seems that there are no Service Center in British Columbia at all.
    Model is BL 1486 BLBT. Jar needs to be replace it with a new jar (blades,container gasket included).

    Looking forward to hear back from you!


    1. Hi Mariana, you can reach out to the service team directly for a new jar. Please email

      1. Thanks Carmelina, I already sent an email.

  8. Hello
    I purchased a very inexpensive Salton plug in kettle at Walmart in September. This product does not shut off when then the water stops boiling. The button releases but as long as its plugged in it will continue to boil. I was lucky enough to hear the water sizzling in the pot before a potential fire started.

    1. Hi Elaine, we’d be happy to fix that issue. Please email the service team directly at for help with your kettle.

  9. Just wanted you to know we received our Salton kettle and I am VERY pleased. I didn’t think I would hear anymore from you or receive a new kettle. THANK YOU VERY MUCH my granddaughter is coming today and she will be pleased to think her bank withdrawal was for nothing. You are wonderful to deal with.

    1. Hi Gayle, so pleased to hear that! Thank you for your continued support!

  10. I’d really like to order a Salton Induction Portable Cooktop.

    Your motto is…”Customer Service is our number one priority”. I have written and wanted to call but there are no telephone numbers listed to speak to someone that knows the products, etc. I am very disappointed! I live in the USA and hesitate to buy this product since your site keeps “customers” running around in circles!

    1. Hi Susie, we’d be happy to help you out! If you send an email to, we’ll be able to reach out to you directly.

  11. To whom it may concern,

    Hi there, I have received a Salton 6 cup rice cooker 2 months ago as a house warming gift (Model #: RC 1653; Code 1744). However, after just a few uses of simple rice cooking, I have realized the teflon coating (inner part of the rice cooker) started to peel off.

    I am very disappointed because having the teflon coating to peel off after just a few uses not only makes me question the quality of Salton product; as well it is harmful as this releases toxic chemical into the food.

    Can you please kindly suggest my options in this case?
    Many thanks and I look forward to hear from you.

    Best regards,

    1. Hi Elsie,

      We’d be happy to help you with that! Please reach out to our service team directly at so we can rectify the issue.

  12. I purchased Harley Salton blender a year back and since last few months machine or the base of jar, not sure about is emitting some brown liquid. please help

    1. We’d be happy to help you with that! Please email the service team directly at

  13. I have a faithful Salton Egg Cooker which has performed well for many years, but recently the vented plastic cover that goes on top cracked. Can I get a replacement? I tried e-mailing this to service@ but when I clicked on the send icon nothing happened. If this part is available, what would the cost be including shipping to southern California?

    1. Hi Barbara, unfortunately that model is not ours. We are Salton operating in Canada since Salton USA inc. was dissolved.

  14. Hi there, I have the Salton VitaPro DH60 dehydrator (actually I bought another one also) to make jerky. I’m down to 2 plastic trays out of the both of them!! I don’t know if it’s the long cooking time or what, but the trays got really brittle and cracked into multiple pieces! Basically the machines are now useless as you can’t get much done with 2 trays! I should have known from experiencing the first machine but it was older and I thought it was just a fluke but when it now happened with my newer one after first use, I’m NOT a happy camper. Are replacement trays available, cost not prohibitive, and would they do the same thing? Otherwise, I guess I’ll have to throw them out and not recommend them to anyone. Hoping for a reply, Ellen Kaptein

    1. Hi Ellen, Sorry for the inconvenience but we’d be happy to help! Please email the service team ( directly to have your trays replaced.

  15. Hi I bought the blender back in 2017. Love it so much. I put it in storage until a few weeks ago. Unfortunately it started leaking on me when I made a smoothie.. I dont think its because of not being used. I think it was because my family put it through the dishwasher a couple times. How can this be fixed? I believe its the seal where the blade is at. Whats your suggestion.

    Thank you
    Therese Wiebelhaus

    1. Hi Therese, We’d be happy to help you out with your blender! Please send us an email at so we can coordinate something for you!

  16. I have 3in1 white salton coffeemaker. I’m looking to buy another one but cant find one its been the best machine. I’ve had mine at least 15 yrs still works well .the espresso handle broke off .I need a new one of those also

    1. Hi Sherri, unfortunately we stopped producing this model a while ago! Reach out to our service team directly at – they might be able to help you out with that!

  17. i have a whilte coffee maker like Ann ( 3 in 1 ) 30 years old. Somehow i can not use it as the coffee carafe is broken.
    is there a way to get the coffee carafe ?

    1. We might be able to help you with that! Reach out to our service department directly at

  18. Unfortunately I let the soup cook over out of Instant pot now all the control is not working. What can I do?
    Must I wait or what?

    1. Hi Elfie, we’d be happy to help you with that. Email the service team at so we can address your issue!

  19. Hi there I purchased a popcorn maker two days ago, used it last night and it is horrible. Half the seeds didn’t pop and what did pop flew all over the counter and floor. I cannot find my receipt and the store will not exchange it without. I have now read the reviews for this product and they all say similar things.

    1. Hi Diana, sorry for your experience but we’d be happy to fix it, given the chance! Please email us at for help with your popcorn machine.

  20. I purchased the Swan retro two slice toaster thru Walmart Canada in May 2020 & am not happy with it but I discovered I cannot return it because of COVID 19 & I had opened the box… do you know if you like something without trying it. I am a senior & I thought it would be easier to handle than my Cuisinart four slice toaster but it is just not the quality I was hoping for for $69.98 plus tax & it seems even though there is a crumb tray on the bottom the crumbs still fall out on the counter & in the drawer where it is stored. I know you will not do anything about it as I have just read some reviews but I just wanted to voice my opinion.

    1. Hi Linda! We absolutely would like to help with this issue. Thanks for bringing it to our attention! Please email the service team directly at to get this sorted out.

  21. I bought 3 in 1 sandwich maker from Walmart by in-line purchase. The clip where the component to change from waffle to sandwich is broken after 2 use. I can still use the machine. I contacted customer service. I was told to cut chord and then after they agreed to send the replacement. I am questioning till I receive my new machine , I am left with nothing. I told customer service that I can send you picture of cut chord after I receive machine. I am not getting good service


    1. Hi Anar, This is a typical process for warranty claims in the electrics industry. For more information, continue communicating with your service representative via email.

  22. Hello,
    I have a Salton induction 2 burner cooktop still under warranty. After only a few uses at my recreation property I returned to find one of the plate glass cracked over winter. I took the unit back to the store London Drugs and they wouldn’t do anything but gave me a customer service number which I called and got a message to send email. I also called the local service centre which also gave a message that it is closed due to Covid. Now I have a non functioning unit and nowhere to cook on and nobody is offering to assist. I am afraid to use it because of risk of electrocution.
    I am hoping that with your notice above CUSTOMER SERVICE IS OUR NUMBER ONE PRIORITY that you will be able to help.

    Thanking you in anticipation

    1. Hi David, sorry for all the back and forth. We’d be happy to get this taken care of! Would you send us an email with your concerns directly to the service team ( so we can help you out with your induction? Let me know if there’s anything else I can help with!

  23. I bought a new Salton portable cooktop a little while ago and it would never get hotter than warm.I bought in replacement of my older cooktop which I had for years and loved it.But this one I never could use because it would never get hot enough.I am really disappointed with this new one and the only reason that I purchased again because I really enjoyed using my old Salton cooktop.I can not find my receipt so I called home hardware in foam Lake,sask,Canada to tell them about this element they sold me and it does not work right and does not get hot.I also told them that I cannot find my receipt and they told me to contact your company that makes Salton cooktops.Please help!

    1. Hi Dawn,
      We’d be happy to help you out with this! Please email our customer service department at for more information.

  24. I bought a gas fan electric heater last month by one of the shop close to my place in Brixton Johannesburg, each single week i return the heater because it just stops producing heat and only takes out cold air. I am fed up with the ups and downs going to complain and the shop blames you for the fault.

    I wanted to come in today and exchange the heater myself because also the heater i get after I complain they are not in boxes but its told to us that they are coming from you. I really am not happy with this,now am using my 5th heater and already its showing signs of stopping anytime.

    1. Hi Alfred, unfortunately we are Salton operating in North America only.

  25. I could not find a customer service number or email. I wanted to know how long shipping would take to receive my items in Maryland, USA?

    1. Hi Zara! Your parcel will take 3-4 business days by regular transit to arrive to Maryland, USA.

  26. bought a 1.7 lt kettle, 5 weeks later it fried up, took back to store, they replaced it with a new one, 6 weeks later that one fried, never though 2 in a row would fail, that just shows what kind of junk we are getting from china.

    1. Hi Dean, let us make this right! Please reach out to our customer service team directly. They might be able to help you with this! Email for more information

  27. We need help. Our grill needs replacement parts.The model is HG 1002, and the heating element has burnt out and we need a replacement.
    Please contact us at [removed].
    I was unable to get an address or listing for a service repair center.
    We really enjoy this unit and want to get it repaired.
    Thank you,
    Elsie Merz

    1. Hi Elsie, the customer service team will reach out to you directly!

  28. Hi, we bought a Salton kettle 4 months ago. Now it turns itself on!! What can we do? Thank you

    1. Hi Eileen,
      Let us help you with that! Please reach out to our customer service team directly at for help with your kettle.

  29. I Received a SWAN Microwave as a Christmas from My Grand-daughter Dec 25 2019 – I Have had Nothing But Problems Since I Got it.. Takes 2 Minutes Plus to Heat a SMALL Cup of Coffee. 12 – 13 Minutes to Do 2 Potatoes with it SHUTTING OFF Between 6 – 7 Minutes. 6 Minutes to Heat a Plate of Food… Model is SM22030. This is the worse Microwave I Have EVER Owned and I Will NEVER Own Or RECOMMEND your products to Anyone… the only reason I Havnt thrown it in the GARBAGE is I Dont want to Disappoint My Grand-daughter. This was Bought at HOME DEPOT Before You Put Out Such Garbage Appliances TEST THEM OUT!!!!

    1. Hi Victor, let us help you with that! Please email our service team directly at for help with your Swan Microwave.

  30. How long is a reasonable time to wait for a response from, from my first email, explaining the issue I needed assistance with??

    1. Hi David, definitely within 1-2 business days! I’ve just sent a follow up note to our customer service team to make sure your issue is prioritized! Let us know if there’s anything else we can help you with.

  31. I cannot find anyplace on Salton . Com to contact you for a question. I did see customer service is claimed to be a priority so i expected a contact us link. Spent over 10 minutes looking for it.
    I just got a rice cooker and am wondering if the plastic steam basket is BPA free.

    1. Hi Pine, The steam basket included with the rice cooker is free of BPA! You bring up a great point and we will add that information to the product page as well as include a link to contact our customer service team right on this page. Thanks for the comment!

  32. Good Morning
    One week ago I sent an e-mail (in French) to and still no reply yet. I sent another one in English this time to the same email address, In this email, I’ve put all the info needed like the model of the my broken blender and serial #. I also let a voice message to you service phone number few days ago and nobody called me back.
    Looks like everyone left the company… there’s still anyone left in this company ??
    I had to call service to a 514 number (Montreal area) nobody answer the phone it rings forever… What’s going on with Salton ??

    1. Due to the impact of the pandemic, we are experiencing higher amounts of orders and service requests. Because of this, our responses may be delayed but we will get back to you! Thank you for supporting Canadian!

  33. HELLO,


    1. Due to the impact of the pandemic, we are experiencing higher amounts of orders and service requests. Because of this, our responses may be delayed but we will get back to you! To contact our service team, please email for the quickest response. Thank you for supporting Canadian!

  34. Hello, I purchased the Salton smokeless grill for my daughter last fall. The grill stopped working only after 2nd use. I purchased from bed bath& beyond. Pls let me know if my purchased can be accommodated.
    Heather Donofrio

    1. Hi Heather! Absolutely! Which model of the Smokeless Grill do you have?

  35. Hi, I am from the U.,S.A, Alabama specifically. I asked for help with a problem my Salton electric pressure cooker yesterday and got a request from one of your staff today asking for a model number for this cooker, which I sent.

    I’d like to get a hard copy of the manual for this appliance, if possible, but if not possible at least a length to be able to read its manual online.


    Claire Mikkelsen

    1. Hi Claire, Can you confirm your model number for me here so that I may send you a link to your manual?

  36. I am looking for the bottom black ring that secures the blades to the glass jar for the MJ6BLSS Salton Blender. While I don’t feel like I want to buy the entire jar assembly, I’d rather buy just the bottom assembly if possible. Please let m know where I can make that purchase.

    Thanks, Jack

    1. Hi Jack, you can email our service team directly at for parts inquiries!

  37. I have a Salton stand mixer I bought about 4 years ago. I broke the beaters by accident and I cannot find a place to get replacements. The machine works find but I cannot use it right now. Do you have those parts available?

    1. Hi Danea, please contact our service team directly at to order replacement parts!

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