Hot Dog Toaster


Nothing beats an authentically-steamed stadium-style hot dog. The Salton Hot Dog Steamer fits regular or jumbo sized hot dogs and buns and steams in under 5 minutes! Equipped with a hot dog steaming drawer and a bun steaming tray to easily steam hot dogs and buns at the same time. Easy to clean and store with completely detachable parts and handy cord storage. Just add water — the removable and transparent lid ensures the right amount of water for the perfect steam every time.

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  • Makes two delicious hot dogs in two easy steps:
    1. Insert your hot dogs and buns into toasting slots
    2. Set your desired cooking level and press the lever
  • 5 cooking levels
  • Enjoy delicious hot dogs in under 5 minutes
  • Easy cleaning! Removable hot dog basket and tongs included


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