Manual Air Fryer – 3 L / 3.1 Q


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• OIL-FREE FRYING! – With rapid air frying technology, you can enjoy a faster and healthier frying experience with little to no oil
• LARGE DRAWER PAN – 3.1 Q (3 L) capacity is non-stick for easy cleaning
• Sleek black matte finish
• Easy to use controls – set the temperature (between 190°F and 410°F) and timer (between 1 and 30 minutes) and get ready to fry!
• Fast and Powerful – Thanks to rapid air frying technology and 1200 watts you can cook quickly and efficiently.
• Indicator Light lets you know when you’ve begun cooking
• Removable Rack is non-stick and dishwasher safe for easy cleaning
-30-Minute Timer with Automatic Shut-Off
-Temperature Control with Overheat Protection
-Cool Touch Handle for safe frying and serving