Bouilloire électrique en verre, sans fil

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UGS : GK1831 Catégories : , , UPC: 61283113399


  • Capacité de 1,5 litre compacte
  • Éclairage bleu élégant
  • Filtre Aquascreen MC et couvercle à charnière
  • Bec verseur sans pareil
  • Élégante, la bouilloire est faite de verre thermique, résistant aux chocs, et d’acier inoxydable brossé
  • L’élément dissimulé facilite le nettoyage
  • La bouilloire peut être déposée dans n’importe quel sens sur sa base
  • Un rembobineur de cordon élimine le fouillis sur le comptoir
  • Indication du niveau d’eau de chaque côté de la bouilloire
  • Peut faire bouillir aussi peu que 500 mL d’eau
  • Indication du niveau d’eau de chaque côté de la bouilloire
  • Peut faire bouillir aussi peu que 500 mL d’eau
  • Bouilloire s’étient automatique lorsque l’eau commence à bouillir ou en cas de fonctionnement à vide

19 avis pour Bouilloire électrique en verre, sans fil

  1. Ryan Hickey

    Broke after 3 days

    I can hear the relay coil humming.

    Terrible quality.

    • Carmelina

      Hi Ryan, please contact service department for help with your kettle – that should not happen! Email [email protected] for more info.

  2. Dave

    Searched for this size kettle. Glad to be shopping Canadian

  3. Becky

    I love this kettle but it’s doing weird things, it will boil again after about 5 mins of boiling my husband is telling me it is to do that but I haven’t seen anything written that it does.

    • Carmelina

      Hi Becky, your kettle is probably on the ‘Keep Warm’ setting! Check out the manual here: for more information about this setting that continues to auto-boil your water to keep it warm for continued use. Let us know if you need any more help on this!

  4. Rashmi

    The only issue I have with this kettle is when I pour out the hot water the angle isn’t ideal as the steam hits my hand and almost burns me very time ( usually fill to 500 mL).

    • Carmelina

      Thank you for the feedback! We will pass this information along to the product development team!

  5. Angie

    I have bought 2 of these kettles because I really like how they look, and how easy they are to keep clean with a simple vinegar/water boil very few months or so. I was disappointed with the first kettle as it would randomly turn on and reheat, and did not have the “keep warm” setting mentioned in the review above. It must have been a base model as it did not have the control panel referenced in the manual above. So I quit using that one and bought another. Same base model, no control panel. We have had this kettle for about a year and noticed a few months ago that the handle gets really hot after the water has boiled, almost to the point of being too hot to hold onto with an oven mitt when you go to pour the water. This morning when I turned it on to boil water, I could smell hot plastic and noticed smoke coming from the switch on the handle. Definite fire and shock hazard. So I guess this one is going into the garbage as well. Very disappointing!!

    • Carmelina

      Hi Angie, let us make this right! Please email us as soon as you can at [email protected]

  6. cKin

    Can’t beat the price! I love the lights. It’s a perfect size too

  7. Cherrey

    My Daughter is a big tea drinker and she loves this product and also the price – she took it to college

  8. Lynn K

    Puchased 6 months ago. Works perfectly and looks cool!

  9. Orit

    We love this kettle. We use it to boil water to make tea. Love the fact that it changes colours. Highly recommend

  10. BS

    We love this kettle. My husband and I use it every day. It looks great in my kitchen and certainly is priced right. I highly recommend it.

  11. Christine Campbell

    Love this kettle, boils quickly no issues at all and it looks good in my kitchen.

  12. Cornelia

    Hi there, I was wondering does it have a way where you can see the temperature

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