cocotte à riz automatique 6 tasses


Le cuiseur à riz 6 tasses de Salton fait cuire jusqu’à 6 tasses de riz, à la perfection, et le garde chaud jusqu’au moment de servir. Le bol antiadhésif s’enlève pour faciliter le nettoyage! Une spatule pratique pour remuer et servir est incluse et un couvercle en verre permet de surveiller la cuisson. Obtenez un riz moelleux parfait à chaque fois!


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• Donne jusqu’à 6 tasses de riz cuit
• Le couvercle en verre permet d’observer la cuisson
• 2 voyants lumineux – « Cook » et « Warm »
• La cocotte passe automatiquement du cycle « Cook » au cycle « Warm » pour obtenir un riz parfait à chaque fois.
• Comprend : Un bol à surface antiadhésive, une tasse à mesurer et une spatule
• 300 watts

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9 avis pour cocotte à riz automatique 6 tasses

  1. Naiha

    Great, handy rice cooker. The size is great for small space.

  2. Alex

    Love this rice cooker! So easy to use and perfect rice every time.

  3. Kamalarajah Jayathilaka

    I love that this product comes in Red and the cooker makes the perfect amount of rice because you can see through the lid you can make sure the rice doesn’t over cook. Also I love the. feature that switches over to warm until the rest of my food is ready.

  4. Reiser

    We make a lot of sushi at home and this rice cooker is exactly what you need to make the best Sushi Grade rice. I will give salton 4 stars on this product

  5. Terry Bentley

    This is a wonderful rice cooker. I always had trouble making rice the old fashioned way and this has made it so simple.

  6. Mary

    Bought this for my 86 year old mother – she swears by more wet rice!!

  7. Dennis

    Easy simple rice cooker that works great. Use this on a daily basis and have had no issues. Also great to bring along when you go to the cottage as it won’t take much counter space up.

  8. Denise

    perfect gift for young adults moving out – my nephew loves it ..

  9. Brian

    Another great product from Salton. Makes perfect rice every time, quick and easy.

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