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Dégustez une tasse de café, de thé ou de chocolat chaud où que vous soyez! La beauté de cet appareil est que vous pouvez infuser votre breuvage préféré dans le confort de votre maison, votre chambre d’étudiant ou votre bureau. Vous avez une tasse préférée que vous utilisez chaque jour? Aucun souci, la cafetière 1 tasse peut recevoir une grande variété de tasses. Elle est munie d’un filtre permanent en nylon, alors fini l’inconvénient des filtres en papier. Plus besoin de délaisser le confort de votre bureau pour apprécier votre pause-café.


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• Comprend: Tasse en céramique, filter permanent et indicateur du niveau d’eau
• Comprend un filter permanent en nylon. Finis les filters en papier
• Idéal pour le café, le thé, le chocolat chaud et autres boissons
• Le café s’écoule directement dans la tasse
• Interrupteur lumineux
• Idéal pour la maison ou le bureau
• S’adapte aux tasses de toutes grandeurs

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12 avis pour compacte 1 tasse cafetière

  1. Labiba

    The perfect little coffee maker to keep at your desk. It’s light and very convenient. Brews coffee fast and is very easy to clean. Definitely recommend!

  2. Sophia

    Received this product in a coffee gift basket I won in a raffle and I loved it so much I had to look up the company who makes it. It even includes a mug! I will be buying one for my grandparents as they love coffee but can’t be bothered to clean a full sized unit. Thank you Salton!

  3. Nigel Stroulger

    for the price reasonably good. Filter over time clogs up to almost unusable. No. 1 Melita filters help but they are expensive and hard to locate. Manufacturer fails to have replacement perm filters and would be great to have a ‘warming plate.’ Has lasted for years!

    • Carmelina

      Hi Nigel, thanks for the feedback! We will pass along these suggestions.

  4. Catherine Rivera

    This is a decent coffee maker. It’s great for small kitchens. HOWEVER, the “permanent” filter developed small holes and needed replacing. I have tried twice with customer service to replace it but have not been sat. First, they offered to send a new filter free of charge if I had proof of purchase. When I told them that I have had the machine for a while and had no receipt but was willing to pay for a new filter, if given a price, I got no response. A follow-up email a few weeks later brought no response. We have been cutting up paper filters ever since.

    • Carmelina

      Hi Catherine, can we reach you at the email address that you’ve provided on file? Let us know!

  5. Orit

    This is a great product if you want to make a single coffee and you don’t want to spend too much money on pods. This machine has a built in filter and you can use any flavoured coffee grinds to make that perfect cup of coffee

  6. Nick

    Had mine for almost a decade and I’ve never had a problem with it. Works exacly as intended. Highly recommendee

  7. Susan Fox

    I have an old TOASTESS coffee maker which looks like this model. The mesh basket tore and I was wondering if I could purchase another one.

    • Carmelina

      Hi Susan, please reach out to our customer service team at [email protected] to inquire about the replacement!

  8. Eugene Delgaudio

    I used it daily for ten years and its a wonderful gift from my bride. It has worn out and leaks and the filter wore out some time ago. I use paper filters and place a cap from a toothpaste tube placed under the paper filter to keep a space so that the coffee can filter through to the cup. Today, I just purchased another Salton one cup from walmart online and appreciate the offering so that I can make a fresh cup one cup at a time. I understand this is just plastic but it seems like a genius put this together for the one coffee drinker in my family. I know there must be other single coffee consumers in other families and you have done me a favor by selling this and making it available to the public rather than hiding it in a secret unknown location. Thank you.

    • Carmelina

      Thank you for the review, Eugene!

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