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Dites bonjour à la cuisson sans fumée! Avec le Salton gril sans fumée, vous pouvez cuire sur le gril, sans fumée, à l’intérieur avec l’aide d’un système de serpentins et un ventilateur transversal. Le système de serpentins fournit la cuisson précise et contrôle de la température et le ventilateur transversal dissipe la fumée de la surface — cuisson pratiquement sans fumée! Ce gril est complètement détachable ce qui le rend facile à nettoyer – la plupart des pièces vont au lave-vaisselle après usage et réassemblées lorsqu’elles sont propres. Comprend deux plaques non-adhérente : une grille idéale pour les viandes et les légumes et une plaque en fonte idéale pour les déjeuners. Ce gril capte la chaleur et garde le gril chaud pendant l’extraction de gras pour une cuisson plus saine.

UGS : HG1788 Catégories : , , , UPC: 61283113009


  • CUISSON SANS FUMÉE — Cuire sur le gril, sans fumée, à l’intérieur!
  • Utilise la puissance d’un système de serpentins et un ventilateur transversal
  • COMPREND DEUX PLAQUES : Une grille et une plaque en fonte non-adhérente
  • Dimensions des plaques : 15” x 9” (38cm x 23 cm)
  • Cuisson précise et contrôle de la température — 80°C -230°C (175°F-445°F)
  • Le ventilateur transversal assure jusqu’à 90% moins de fumée et des éclaboussures minimales pendant la cuisson
  • La température de cuisson constante ne brûle pas les aliments et fournit des résultats tendres et juteux
  • Les pièces anti-adhésives et détachables vont au lave-vaisselle
  • 1200 watts

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  1. Raymond Belair

    Today, I bought a Salton HG1788 grill from a Canadian retailer. I’m disappointed to discover we’re unable to toggle between Fahrenheit and Celsius temperature scales. (Why bother showing Celcuis on the panel if we can’t switch?) The unit is stuck on the Fahrenheit scale. Worse, you’re out of luck if you think you’re going to cook at a common temperature such as 350 degrees as there is no ability to fine tune the temperature – the closest I can get is 320 or 374 degrees. In fact, you only have 6 temperature choices and none them line up with any cookbook or recipe. I imaging after enough customer feedback, they’ll either give customers the ability to switch to Celcius or just remove Celcius from the temperature panel altogether in future versions.

    • Carmelina Molinara

      Hi Raymond, you are able to toggle between both Fahrenheit and Celsius. Please contact [email protected] for help as that issue should not be happening.

  2. Pj

    Barbecue 365 days a year in your home. I love this grill ! It is smoke free, dishwasher safe and comes with 2 plates for grilling or for your breakfast . I have no issues with it and do recommend this grill.

  3. Julianna G

    We did a tabletop grilling night – purchased at Costco. So cool and the whole family really loved it. Sister in law left saying she’d be picking on up as well. Can’t say enough good things about this grill!

  4. Karen

    Amazing grill! So nice to be able to grill in our condo without setting off our fire alarm. This is a GAME CHANGER

  5. Al

    Love this grill…..Smokeless for use in our condo, cooks the steaks beautifully, and comes apart for super easy cleaning.
    Great buy!

  6. Richard R

    I like the concept of this product that’s why I bought one. I from Canada where winters are long and cold so having a smokeless indoor grill is almost a necessity. My only gripe about this product is it doesn’t get hot enough. Cooking time is longer than I expected. I don’t consider it as a dealbreaker but I think Salton could do something to enhance this product. Increasing the power/wattage will definitely help. I’ve also seen other products of this kind but it comes with a glass lid which I think is very good as it helps to seal-in the heat. I think Salton should really consider doing that. Introduce an upgraded version with a glass lid. And make the glass lid available to buy for those who already bought the grill.

  7. Meg

    Absolutely love it especially in the colder weather when I dont want to go out to BBQ.

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