Grille-Pain – 4 Tranches

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Le style classique et élégant du grille-pain 4-tranches de Salton saura embellir votre comptoir.  Les ouvertures très grandes peuvent recevoir des tranches de pain épaisses ou minces et le capteur électronique assure une cuisson constante à chaque fois.  Capable de décongeler, de réchauffer et de rôtir, ce grille-pain répond à tous vos besoins.

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UGS : ET1404 Catégories : , UPC: 61283106971


  • Convient à une variété de pains, y compris les bagels, les déjeuners préparés et autres
  • Un capteur électronique assure des résultats consistants
  • Tableaux de commandes individuels avec voyants lumineux et commandes tactiles pour décongeler, réchauffer et annuler
  • Les guides auto réglables centrent le pain automatiquement
  • Le grille-pain s’éteint automatiquement si un objet reste coincé
  • Un ramasse-miettes amovible facilite le nettoyage

11 avis pour Grille-Pain – 4 Tranches

  1. sheilamarietutty

    I purchased my 4 slice Salton toaster in Jan. 2018 from Hudson Bay on line.
    Only one side will toast, not very happy with this toaster, as it was expensive, There are no service centres near my address ,can u help me?
    Thank you!
    Sheila McAllister
    535 Wayne street
    Shediac NB
    E4P 2W8

    • Carmelina

      Hi Sheila, please reach out to the service team directly at [email protected]! They’d be happy to help you with your toaster!

  2. Cathy

    The 4 slice stainless steel toaster is the best.
    Makes perfect toast and bagels with the extra large slots. Looks great in the kitchen. I would recommend this toaster.

    • Carmelina

      Thanks for the feedback, Cathy!

  3. Alex

    This 4 slice toaster is great for the cottage when there are big groups to feed. It’s fast and never burns the toast. It also looks nice on the counter.

  4. Nick Forde

    The large slots make it easy to toast bagels. Every slice of bagel or bread gets evenly toasted! Good purchase.

  5. Ter Edgar

    This is a marvelous toaster. I don’t need all the bells and whistles, i just want simple and this does that for me. I also love the sleek stainless steel color.

  6. Dennis G

    Have had this toaster for over a year now and have had no issues. Still toasts consistently.

  7. Tristan Pillay-Noel

    Great Toaster still works well

  8. Tristan Pillay-Noel

    Great Toaster still works great

  9. Chris Campbell

    Love this toaster works well especially when you have a few people for breakfast, also looks great.

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