Toastess gril pour sandwichs


Dégustez de délicieux sandwichs grillés grâce au gril en acier inoxydable de Salton.  La plaque supérieure flottante grille le pain uniformément et peut recevoir aussi bien les sandwichs épais que les minces.  Peu importe votre choix – sandwich grillé au fromage, hot dog, baguette, bagel ou pita – ce gril peut combler tous vos besoins.

UGS : TSG710 Catégories : , , UPC: 61283304995


  • Deux voyants lumineux :
    – lumière rouge « en fonction »
    – lumière verte « près pour la cuisson »
  • Idéal pour griller les sandwichs et les petits pains
  • Puissance de 1 000 watts pour une cuisson rapide
  • Plaques de cuisson à surface non-adhésive

12 avis pour Toastess gril pour sandwichs

  1. Pj

    Love this grill ! Makes the best grilled cheese and works very well. I recommend it.

  2. Michael

    Would 100% recommend this grill to anyone who wants delicious sandwiches in minutes.
    Love how easy to clean it is as well. Best product ever

  3. Lisa M

    Bought this grill as a gift for my husband as he’s the king of grilled cheese. He loves it so much I had to come give a good review. Thank you Salton – great product.

  4. The Kitchen Queen

    Plug it in, hot in 5 minutes….makes great grilled cheese!!

  5. Alex

    This is so easy to use. I have four kids and they all love it. From grilled cheese to quesadillas, perfect every time. It’s fast and easy to clean.
    We have at least three between kids away at school and the cottage.

  6. Shelley

    This Panini Grill is the best! It works so fast! Makes perfect grilled Cheese!

  7. Lee Thornton

    This grill is fantastic and clean up is a breeze.

  8. pam

    I don’t have to spend money at the deli anymore since I have this grill, you can make hot dogs, tortilla wraps, panini sandwiches and more, so good, and easy to clean

  9. Chris C.

    Makes an awesome grilled cheese! *chef’s kiss* Easy to clean.

  10. Claire

    Works awesome for making tostadas!

  11. Mama Llama

    I wish I had purchased this sooner. My teen and tweenage sons love making their own grilled cheese, and for a mom it’s a little less stressful than having them use a frying pan and a stove. I just wish they liked cleaning it as much as they like using it!

  12. Kristina M Baumer

    The grill was so hot it toasted the bread instantly, the inside never has a chance to melt or warm up before the bread burns. No way to adjust the heat level.

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