Gaufrier Rotatif


UGS : WM1082 Catégories : , UPC: 61283103086


  • Une gaufre belge de 7″ (18 cm) avec des poches de 1″ (2,5 cm) de profondeur
  • Faire pivoter les plaques de cuisson et rabattre la poignée pour faciliter le rangement
  • Les voyants indiquent quand verser la pâte et quand la gaufre est prête
  • Pour réchauffer une gaufre froide et la rendre croustillante, régler la commande à la basse température

9 avis pour Gaufrier Rotatif

  1. Sara

    I love this unit. My kids make waffles in it all the time. I make cheese crisps in it too. Non stick plates makes it easy to clean.

  2. Mary

    Weekend mornings we use this terrific waffle maker to enjoy perfectly made waffles. Then we make more for freezing and use during the busy weekday mornings. Just reheat in a toaster. A great time saver for our family.

  3. Pilar Perez

    Kids loved going to hotels with a waffle maker, so I bought one. It’s very easy to use and clean. The kids love it!

  4. Lee Thornton

    I was never a big eater of waffles because they are so hard to make. Not with this unit. It is simple and cooks the waffles perfect every time. I hardly have to do anything. I would definitely recommend this product.

  5. Shelley

    Works great!!

  6. Riana Morrison

    This is very fun and easy to use. If my kids had their way I would make waffles every single weekend. I’ve taught my older kids to use it (early teens) so I can sleep in sometimes lol. If I spray it once with cooking spray at the beginning, I never have any problem with sticking. Works great!

  7. Claire

    The kids love to help out when they know we are having waffles for breakfast. Very easy to use appliance and its fun for them.

  8. Al

    Very easy to use, love the temperature adjustment, the waffles come out perfect every time.
    Also very easy to clean at the end of the meal.

  9. Audrey Rexwell

    My kid loves waffles so this is perfect. You get a nice and fluffy waffle every time!

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