Crepe & Tortilla Maker


Can’t get thin crepes consistently every time? Try this easy-to-use Crepe and Tortilla Maker. Just dip the cooking surface in the batter and watch your recipe come to life. Comes with a bonus batter dish and spatula so you’re ready to start creating right out of the box!

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• Dip → Cook → Stack!
• Makes delicious crepes for appetizers, entrées, or desserts and soft shell tacos
• Non-stick cooking surface for easy clean up
• Automatic temperature control with indicator light
• 800 watts of cooking power
• Package includes spatula and batter dish

2 reviews for Crepe & Tortilla Maker

  1. Diane

    My son loves crepes, so I thought I would give this a try. Much easier to use then I expected. Works great. No complaints.

  2. KC

    SO EASY. I used this to impress my parents when they came over. I didn’t know making crepes could be this easy. Highly recommend

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