Multipot® Multi-Cooker – 1.25 Litre

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Perfect for quick and easy meals! This Multi-Pot boils water, cooks macaroni & cheese, heats soups, pasta and rice. This one machine is more versatile than your kettle and more convenient than your stove. The Multi-Pot has adjustable temperature for easy cooking and a non-stick inner coating for easy cleaning. Accessories include an egg cooker and a noodle and steamer basket. Perfect for home, office or dorm!

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1. Boils water, cooks rice, pho, noodles, eggs, macaroni and cheese, heats soups, canned foods and more!
2. Adjustable temperature control
3. Removable lid with built-in strainer
4. Egg tray and Convenient noodle and steamer basket
• 1.25 litre/quart capacity
• BPA free
• 1000 watts