Portable Infrared Cooktop Single

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This Single Infrared cooktop is small and portable enough to be used just about anywhere! It heats more efficiently than regular stove tops, has minimal heat loss to the countertop or table and is compatible with all types of cookware – including glass! With its elegant stainless steel design and lightweight construction, this cooktop is perfect for homes, cottages, and camp sites.

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27 reviews for Portable Infrared Cooktop Single

  1. Glen

    Hi there, is the pot included? If yes, what is the size of it.

    • Kevin Chandrarajan

      Hi Glen,

      No pot included! However, infrared cooktops can be used with pots made of any material.

  2. Fidel

    Does the portable infrared cooktop need to be in an electric unit to work

    • Carmelina Molinara

      Hi Fidel,

      The cooktop needs to be plugged in to an electrical outlet to function.

  3. Steve

    Can i use Presto Canner 23 qt on it?

    • Carmelina Molinara

      Hi Steve,

      Yes! Any canner or pot would work with the Infrared Cooktop. However, we suggest that you reconfirm with the manufacturer of your canner for the heat requirements.

  4. Joy

    What is the size of the cooking element itself?

    • Carmelina Molinara

      Hi Joy, the element measures 7.4” (188mm).

  5. bill fong

    Which one is better ? infrared or induction? what is the difference ? which one is more effectiveness?

    • Carmelina Molinara

      Hi Bill, Induction is the safest, fastest, and greenest way of cooking. Because it uses electric currents to directly heat your cookware through magnetic induction rather than thermal conduction, your pot (and only your pot) gets hot almost instantly.

  6. Lisa Tam

    Hi, what is the voltage for this cooktop? will it be 220V with 60Hz? would like to send one to my relative in Asian country.

    • Carmelina Molinara

      Hi Lisa,

      Please contact [email protected] to find out if this cooktop meets your specifications.

  7. Peter

    What is the difference between induction and inflared?

    • Carmelina Molinara

      Hi Peter,
      Induction requires a magnetic connection between cookware and cooktop, therefore it is the most powerful and efficient way to cook. Infrared is an improvement over regular coil burners but is compatible with any kind of cookware.

  8. israel

    Is the element 1200W or 1500W?

    • Carmelina Molinara

      Hi Israel,
      The element is 1200W

  9. Jeanne deMarrais

    Can I get a replacement for the broken ceramic?

    • Carmelina Molinara

      Hi Jeanne! Please contact [email protected] for repairs.

    • How reliable is the temp control and wires? Do they get hot and burn out like the coil plates or is the temp sensor and control switch seperate? If they are one unit how long do they last?

      • Carmelina

        Hi there, The temperature for Salton infrared hotplates models HP1502 and HP1269 is thermostat controlled. The thermostat and power switch are separate, and both are rated @100,000 endurance cycles.

  10. Ren

    Does it make any noises (like beeping)? Thanks in advance.

    • Carmelina

      Hi Ren, this unit does not have any audible signals. There is an indicator light on the front of the unit, however.

  11. Joseph Reid

    Bought this unit, after one month even when the setting is on zero the element comes on maximum heat, very very hot not safe, if on /off knob got nudged unknowingly it would be running on maximum heat, danger. Burns everything because it is extremely high heat., not safe.. Not returnable because one month old, $60 wasted.

    • Carmelina

      Hi there! Please contact [email protected]. They’d be happy to help you out with your cooktop!

  12. pirouz

    What’s the range of adjustable temperature?
    For example from 50 to 100 degrees Centigrade, and it can be adjusted every 10 degrees

    • Carmelina

      Hi there! Unfortunately, there is no true way to determine the range of temperature as every material and food product is affected differently from the heat source. It is a completely variable temperature control, not specific to intervals of temperature degrees however.

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