Salton Cinema Stir Popper Popcorn Maker


Always be ready for movie night with Salton’s Cinema Popper – Stir Popcorn Maker. The stirring rod evenly distributes the kernels for better popping resulting in less un-popped kernels. With a built-in butter well, melted butter drips onto the popcorn while popping for delicious movie theatre buttered popcorn with no mess! Within minutes popping is complete. Flip the popcorn maker over and use the lid as a serving bowl. No need to go to the cinema – enjoy fresh popcorn from the comfort of your own home!

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• POP – stirring rod evenly distributes kernels for better popping
• BUTTER – built-in butter well distributes butter while popping
• FLIP – Lid becomes the perfect serving bowl
• SERVE – Enjoy a delicious snack. Perfect for movie night!
• Cooking surface is non-stick for easy cleaning
• Convenient, easy-to-use On/Off switch and indicator light
• Measuring cup included