Salton Illuminated Mug Warmer

Whether you’re at home or in the office, a cup of warm coffee or tea is essential. Place your favorite beverage on top and it’ll keep warm for hours! Now you can enjoy it at your leisure while working, reading, or gaming. Stylishness and functionality come together in this compact appliance with a ring of white LED lights around the edge for a unique aesthetic. More than a cup warmer for desks, also use this warmer to melt wax and diffuse the scent of a candle – flame free! Place your candle on top and it works as a candle heater, releasing aroma from your candle safely for any bedrooms, kitchens, or small workspaces.

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FEATURES AND BENEFITS• Keep your favourite beverage hot
• Warm candles to release aroma
• Keeps a full mug or cup of coffee, tea, soup, or any other beverage at the ideal drinking temperature
• Safely warm candles, without an open flame, to release aroma into any room
• Keep gravies and sauces at the ideal serving temperature