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Water Temperature Guide

The following is a general guide for brewing different types of tea. Brand and freshness of tea including each individuals taste and preference differs. If your tea box/container has brewing instructions, follow those as they are probably ideal for that specific tea.

Type of TeaWater TemperatureSteep Time
Green Tea80°C/176°F1-3 minutes
White Tea80°C/176°F4-8 minutes
Oolong Tea90°C/194°F1-8 minutes
Black Tea90°C/194°F3-5 minutes
Herbal Tea90°C/194°F5-8 minutes

Your kettle can also be used for bringing the water to the perfect temperature for the following. Please remember that these are guidelines only.

Others:Water Temperature
Baby formula preparation40°C/104°F (water should have been previously boiled)
Hot Chocolate80°C/176°F
Instant Soup Mixes90°C/194°F
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