The Ultimate Portable Cooktop Guide for Camping and Entertaining

The Ultimate Portable Cooktop Guide for Camping and Entertaining

With all the different options for portable cooktops, it can be difficult to decide what’s right for you. Whether you want an extra hot plate for heating and cooking at home or a convenient portable stove for camping, Salton’s great selection has something for everyone. Here’s a handy guide to choose your own cooktop, based on Salton’s best sellers:

Portable Induction Cooktops

If safety or energy efficiency is your biggest concern, go for induction. ID1305An induction cooktop uses magnetic waves to instantly heat a specialized iron pot or pan to precise temperatures. With a surface that remains cool throughout the cooking process, there is no need to worry about anyone accidentally burning themselves – and the smooth top wipes clean in a snap. It even has a timer to shut-off automatically, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting it’s on. It’s no wonder our induction cooktop is such a popular choice.

• LED display with 8 temperature settings from 60ºC (140ºF) to 240ºC (465ºF). Melt butter & chocolate, steam fish & dumplings, sear or stir‐fry meat & vegetables, and boil water for pasta or soups
• Power setting range: 300W to 1800W
• Timer – up to 3 hours with auto shut‐off and audible signal
• Tempered glass surface

Portable Coil Burners

cooktop-single-salton-1The best option for budget-conscious folks who want something that’s basic and will get the job done, these simple and easy to use portable coil cooktops are perfect for cottages, student dorms, camping – and even your office.

• Available in both single and double burner
• High-speed coil element heats up quickly
• Variable temperature control and indicator lights
• Get it in white, black, or stainless steel

Portable Infrared Cooktops

HP1269_2-1The perfect combination of style and value, Salton’s Infrared Portable Cooktop heats more efficiently than regular stove tops, has minimal heat loss to the countertop or table and is compatible with all types of cookware – including glass, ceramic and aluminum. If you’re seeking an elegant, versatile and lightweight solution for your portable cooking needs, look no further!


• Available in both single and double burner
• Heats more efficiently than traditional cooktops with minimal heat loss
• Precise temperature control from boil to simmer
• Double burner model has separate heat controls to cook different types of food simultaneously
• Elegant stainless steel housing with large 7.4” (188mm) diameter burners
• Lightweight and easy to store
• Smooth surfaces are easy to clean