As Canadian As Maple Syrup

In 1945, Toastess Inc. was founded by two brothers who manufactured portable appliances in Montreal. Keeping Canadians warm with a big cuppa was their game and they played it like they were going for the Stanley Cup. Highlights of their business included the Canadian Design Award for the first ‘non-bell-shaped electric kettle’. Toastess was also the first in Canada to develop a hot air corn popper to use a circular whirlpool style airflow as well as launching the first immersible deep fryers. Pretty cool, eh?


Flash forward to 1985 and Salton Canada is born. After a long history in the USA, Salton Inc was dissolved and in 2013 Salton Appliances expanded into the USA and Mexico under its Salton and Toastess banners.

Today, Salton has a presence in every corner of Canada. We are proud to be owned 100% by Canadians. Although, like all small appliance companies, our manufacturing is performed abroad. At home, Salton employs Canadians from coast to coast for all other operations. As we continue to grow, we pride ourselves in our roots and are as polite and progressive in business as our country. At Salton, we’re proud to represent the Canadian principles our customers value most and we’re honoured to be a part of your home.