Why use an Electric Kettle?

Why use an Electric Kettle?

Save Time

Enjoy your cup of coffee or tea faster than ever. The design of the heating element, kettle jug and wattage all attribute to quicker boiling than heating your water on a traditional stove or microwave.

Energy Efficient

Not only does using an electric kettle save time over using a traditional stove or microwave, enjoy cheaper electricity bills thanks to these time savings and lower amount of energy used by the kettle. Using a stove to heat your water is wasteful and tough on your wallet!

Precise Temperature

Different teas require different temperatures for their optimal flavors! If your Salton kettle is equipped with variable temperature control then you can select your desired temperature on and the kettle will automatically halt the boiling cycle as soon as that temperature is reached. Learn more about Salton Variable Temperature kettles here.

Kettles are not only a great addition to any kitchen, they’re an ESSENTIAL!