Temperature Control Kettle 1.7L With Tea Steeper

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Elegant. Stylish. Sleek. This kettle can be used to boil water and steep your favorite tea at the exact temperature required. The 7 pre-set temperatures adapt to a variety of teas; from oolong to chai, herbal to black. The 360 degree swivel base with cord storage allows you the convenience of cord-free serving and a clutter-free counter. The LED lights change as the temperature rises to indicate the temperature of water the kettle has reached. The perfect cup of tea is at the press of a button!

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  • LED colour changes as temperature rises
  • Height adjustable stainless steel tea filter basket and lid
  • Keep warm function maintains water at set temperature for 2 hours
  • Includes: 2 lids, one to use as a standard kettle and one for steeping loose or bagged tea
  • 7 preset temperatures steeps a variety of teas at the proper temperature: 40°-100°C (104°-212°F).
  • Display can be shown in Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • 360° swivel base with cord storage
  • 3 level automatic safety system ensures safe operation:
    1. Auto ‘Boil and Off’ switch shuts kettle off when water starts boiling
    2. Kettle shuts off if plugged in dry
    3. Kettle shuts off when lifted off the power base
  • 1500 watts

11 reviews for Temperature Control Kettle 1.7L With Tea Steeper

  1. Kate

    Loved this in every way until at about 5 moths in the top broke. The release would not release, of course I couldn’t find the receipt so we used the other top. Now at about 1 1/2 years the handle has fallen off. considering its metal and glass and the outside gets hot we can no longer use it. I won’t buy another one. True that my family isn’t easy on things, but I expected better from a $80 kettle.

    • Carmelina

      Hi Kate! That sounds frustrating. Please contact [email protected] for help with your kettle!

  2. Brianne

    My friend bought this for me for Christmas. I love it! My whole family uses this now and we all love it. I used the tea steeper to make a whole pot of tea in the summer (when we were allowed to have a few guests over) and it was great! Would recommend.

  3. shan

    I got this for my parents and I’m super tempted to buy one for myself. The lighting in the water is so cool to watch.


    What a great kettle. Love it.

  5. Lindsey Barker

    I use this kettle to make my baby’s bottles! I love that I know how hot the water is just by the colour. It’s great because I’m able to make his bottles super quick and I don’t have to wait for the kettle to fully boil. I only boil it to my colour 😉

  6. Ter Edgar

    I use tea leaves so this kettle is perfect for me.

  7. Al

    We use this kettle daily, both boiling water and steeping the tea. We love the changing of the colours with the temperature variation, as well as the hold feature so the water stays hot. It is also made remarkably well in stainless steel and glass, with easy to use buttons on the handle and easy to read display.

  8. Mariam Yousuf

    I love loose leaf teas so this kettle was perfect.

  9. B. Ellen

    I call this appliance my pandemic kettle because I bought it April 2020. It provides a light show which is appreciated during these difficult times. I really appreciate being able to not only boil water but make my favourite tea in the same appliance.

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