Egg Bite Maker

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Make your favourite egg bite at home or take it to go with the Salton Egg Bite Maker. This unit presents a protein-packed option for home or on-the-go! Keto! Low Carb! Paleo! Gluten-Free! Accommodate your lifestyle with a healthy snack, ready in five minutes. Simply prepare your eggs, customize with your favourite toppings and cook. The removable egg tray is non-stick and easy to clean making this unit convenient for meal prep and batch-cooking. Whip up the perfect bite with the Salton Egg Bite Maker. Partnered with the Egg Farmers of Canada, the Salton Egg Bite Maker offers a versatile appliance that simplifies meal preparation. Get Cracking®!

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Step One: Prepare and pour your whisked eggs into the non-stick egg tray
Step Two: Close the lid and cook
Customize: Fill with your favourite ingredients for customized bites
To-Go: A protein-packed option at home or on the go!
• Keto! Low Carb! Paleo! Gluten-Free!
• Non-stick Egg Tray
• Recipes Included

4 reviews for Egg Bite Maker

  1. Nai

    Got this at Sobeys! Such a cool product. I don’t miss my drive thru egg bites any more!!

  2. Jim Bruce

    I like eggs for breakfast but not having to clean up a frying pan, spatula and mixing bowl afterwards. I used to make poached eggs in the microwave but they do occasionally exploding while being cooked! That is a mess that takes an hour to clean up. With this Salton cooker, I mix two eggs and some seasoning together in a medium sized measuring cup with a beak, pour it into the four cups, sprinkle some grated cheese on top (or not) and ten to fifteen minutes later you have the perfect breakfast. The texture is amazing! Light but firm and no oil or butter is involved at all. So, a good low-fat, low-cholesterol breakfast. And what is there to clean up afterwards? The non-stick egg cup thing which you can just run under the tap and give a wipe with a paper towel. I had never heard of such a thing before and although it was an impulse purchase I am completely happy.

  3. Cheryl

    Just bought this and trying it for the first time. So far it’s been 25 min. and still not cooked. Not impressed!! Will try it once more then return it.

  4. Catherine

    This is my new favourite kitchen tool! About 8 minute cook time for each batch. We have mixed up the ingredients to whatever is in the fridge or personal preferences. The water does not evaporate each time – I am able to cook two batches without adding more water. 5 eggs makes 8-10 bites. I use spray oil between each batch to ensure an easy removal. Would definitely recommend.

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